Digital Video, Ed. 5
7:05 min


In Motorhead an engine shaped entity floats amid a background of found footage from raves, archived newspaper articles, horses, factories and various other vaguely familiar sceneries. A talking head, repetitive in the likes of Max Headroom, resembling an industrial deity. It has obvious imperfections despite it being a pivotal technological and historical commodity. It’s snotty, ill and often relies on non-sensical mumbling in a delirious manner. Whilst the entity undergoes some material shapeshifting, pulsating basslines build up tension towards some kind of peak moment like you would experience in a club environment. Except there never is a peak moment, it just returns to the same imperfections we’ve encountered before. In this video work I try to combine elements of rhythm, intrinsic defect, and the visual remnants of recent cultural and technological developments to explore the notion of popular culture – especially the ethos of electronic music and it’s surrounding youth culture – in relation to industrial production.