Deep Down Inside


Single channel video
Ed. 5
7:08 minutes

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Deep Down Inside investigates the notion of sound in time and space and questions how its qualities can resemble or relate to a contemporary human condition. It looks at popular culture – especially the ethos of electronic music and it’s surrounding youth culture – in relation to industrial production. The protagonist is a talking dinosaur in it’s final minutes before the mass extinction event. Whilst explaining how sound travels through time and space, eventually ending up as heat, found footage of industry and dark raves flow by. We see a world where future and past merge into one another, grinding gears transform into music, natural environments are influenced by industry or virtual manipulation, and nostalgia and history often get confused. It ends in a visual and auditory spectacle where the sound of the meteor hitting the earth and the bass from the raves melt in to one another while different timelines merge. The video piece manifests itself as a sensory experience which combines multiple subjective histories in a consciously equivocal manner.