1 & 2 sept. 2018

Booth #3

J1 – 23 Place dela Joliette, MARSEILLE, FRANCE

HANS & FRITZ CONTEMPORARY is proud to present at PAREIDOLIE in Marseille the project D’Ici á Ici, by the Berlin based, Catalan artist, Tere Recarens.

“This carpet is the fruit of four years of work and 2,570 years of history. It’s called The Spring of Khosro and it’s almost a legend. It disappeared centuries ago and only strange descriptions remain. A product of Persia before the Arab conquest, the carpet was so beautiful that the Arabs were afraid they’d fall in love with Persian culture, so they cut it up like spoils of war,” explains the artist, who has created her tapestry with Arabic glue, pigments and invisible ink, over cardboard. During her time in Iran, Recarens studied Farsi and investigated techniques for making carpets, known as paisley. “It’s a very old pattern,” says the artist, who usually develops her works starting with a process of documentation of her own experiences, making it practically impossible to distinguish the border between life and art. Also on display is the series of drawings From Mashad to Mashad, where she captures the transformation of a negative occurence, like the technical failure of a plane, into something positive. Her vicissitudes and those of the passengers around her are the protagonists in the drawings, which were made during this complicated flight, only one of many that she has taken to Mali, Mongolia, Turkey, and the US, among other countries.