Kike Bela & Lluís Rueda* + Llapispanc
(*members of Murnau b, Blood Quartet)

In I HAVE NO MOUTH AND I MUST SCREAM we want to generate an excentric call, like a free floating sculptural form where the blasting soundscapes weave a collective network.

Hans and Fritz proposed us the concept that utopia is on the horizon, that if we walk two steps in that direction, it moves two steps and the horizon runs ten steps further away. So what is utopia good for? Just for that…to keep walking!!  We will explore in that direction, wanting to be both free and find accomplices in this intricate route.

We will look for the theatricality of the absurd … an impromptu composition between the fictions of reality and the paradoxes of the virtual, the essential presences and the superfluous absences. Screams and sounds to the crooked feet of a dark being behind the bar of the Cabaret Voltaire. Restless laughter’s of an orgy to Barcelona…between the sea and the mountains.

Murnau B is a noise art rock trio, based in Barcelona. They have played several shows including Primavera Sound and the opening for Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo and the Dust in Barcelona. The line-up includes Lluís Rueda (guitars and vocals), Kike Bela (bass and synthesizer) and Càndid Coll (drums and vocals). They create dense atmospheres through particular and unusual tunings, obscure rhythms and dissonant distortions.

Llapispanc is a visual artist from Barcelona that creates unusual performances devoted to an artistic protest. He investigates the limits and connections between disciplines (music, performance, visual arts and mass media) through his collective interventions, making the observers an integral part and target of an experiential and ritual process.  As a result, obtaining hallucinogen sensations and images deeply locked within the eyes of the spectator.



En I HAVE NO MOUTH AND I MUST SCREAM queremos generar un tipo de llamada “excéntrica”, como en una escultura libre de sujeciones que, gracias a los paisajes sonoros ruidosos, se construye en vivo tejiendo una red colectiva.

Hans and Fritz nos plantea que la utopía está en el horizonte, que si caminamos dos pasos en esa dirección, ella se aleja dos pasos y el horizonte se corre diez pasos más allá. ¿Entonces para qué sirve la utopía? Para eso, sirve para caminar… Exploraremos en esa dirección, queriendo a la vez ser libres y encontrar cómplices en este intrincado trayecto.

Buscaremos la teatralidad de lo absurdo… una composición improvisada entre lo real de la ficción y la paradoja de lo virtual, las presencias imprescindibles y las ausencias superfluas. Gritos y sonidos a los pies torcidos de un ser oscuro tras la barra del Cabaret Voltaire. Inquietas risas de una orgía a la barcelonesa… entre el mar y la montaña.

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