Saturday 16 January – 27 February 2016


“Have a safe trip” is a journey into the world where the three selected artists: Cristina Huarte, Alvaro Martinez-Alonso and Oliver Rincke deepen and seek with intensity of desire to find something else.

Cristina Huarte born in Zaragoza in 1988, began her career as an artist in Salamanca in 2006. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca in 2011. She lived in Berlin for three months as part of the program for artists in residence, GlogauAIR 2014. Cristina presents her works Guilt and Snippets that explore human expression and feelings. Guiding us through her experiences and her philosophy of life inviting us to reflect on our society and our nature.

The second artist, Álvaro Martínez-Alonso, was born in Burgos in 1983 but lives and works in Berlin. He presents his works Bundesrepublik Deutschland and En Suspensión conducted in 2013 and between 2010-2012 respectively. The first work consists of a series of maps of Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal within which corresponding physical maps shown to the German cities and geography. The second work is a series of videos and photographs of young people, mostly in their usual work space, at risk of losing their job or who have noticed a deterioration in their working conditions. Álvaro Martínez always based on personal experiences addresses social or emotional issues that can represent a specific group of people, in this case those affected by the economic crisis.

Álvaro co-directs the workshop of plastic creation Thikwa / Werkstatt für kunst und theater, the Nordberliner Werkgemeinschaft in Berlin, a center for the professionalization of artists and performers with disabilities or mental illness.

The third artist is Oliver Rincke who is part of the center Thikwa / Werkstatt für kunst und theater, the Nordberliner Werkgemeinschaft, where Álvaro Martínez works in Berlin. Oliver was born in Berlin in 1978. He is an artist strongly influenced by popular TV series, North American action films, team or contact sports and superheroes, Oliver Rincke develops works full of symbols that revolve around the body and masculinity, the good and the bad, rivalry or sex and love. He often recreates images connected to football, wrestling and fictional characters by known television series, American action films, contact sports or team and superheroes of all kinds. Through these images it shows us his vision of reality in a personal way and with a very particular method of work makes us travel through his fantasy world.


Un viaje al mundo interior donde Cristina Huarte, Álvaro Martínez-Alonso y Oliver Rincke profundizan y buscan con intensidad. Vivimos en una cultura donde prima la evasión, pero Huarte, Martínez-Alonso y Rincke reman a contracorriente con afán de encontrar algo más.

Tras el retorno de esta búsqueda nos enseñan sus más preciados hallazgos. Sus obras observadas con detenimiento nos hacen sentir diferentes universos íntimos. Una trayectoria común puesta en escena en “Have a safe trip” donde algunos “mapas” marcan sutílmente sus irrepetibles recorridos. Coordenadas singulares de sus vivencias y logros, que conforman el camino andado y nos muestran también el que queda por seguir.

Realidades y sueños se solapan en este viaje en común en el que los tres “viajeros” nos muestran aquello que tiene el hombre en su interior y que solo logra salir al exterior a través sus visiones espacio-temporales.

El misterioso recorrido solo será desvelado al espectador que empatice en esta búsqueda y que coincida también en su universo paralelo.