Ferraz’s work embraces her Brazilian background. She creates vibrant works with different colours that recall the profusion of sun in the tropics and a strong presence of hot, naked bodies that recall Carnival and the beach. This context arouses sexual creativity and makes reference to the power game and state of tension between the sexes both in relationships, and society.

The mediums she primarily works with are painting and performance. They function intertwined, completing yet defying each other. Whilst painting provides an infinite space for the imagination to flow, performance is concrete, offering lived experiences that inhabit the body in space and time.

The starting point of the creative process is the invention of mythology, which merges from a range of lived experiences to research content like digital porn, historical painting, tarot cards, fairy tales and Greco-Roman mythology.

From this chaotic soup of references, the characters which occupy the work are animated. On their own secretive terms, they draw the spectator into a magical circle, in which the poetic and demonic emerge from the underworld and into life.

She is interested in a contemplative time of presence and observation. She uses painting as the medium to translate these experiences of mindfulness that she establishes within her surroundings, and she believes, by doing so, she invites the viewer to penetrate, in the same realm of perception, when in contact with her work.