Their recent work revolves around the construction of stories, habits and routines stemming from their immediate surroundings. By questioning social roles and modifying the established rules, they propose other possible alternatives, using fiction and ingenuity to develop a series of storylines, events and fables that draw on the post-internet era.  Usually working in the fields of video art, installation and screen performance to create new discursive environments in which they mix and reinterpret imaginaries and references of popular culture. 

In their work they conceive characters and roles inspired from people and entities which reflect the triviality of our contemporary time; whose neurosis managed to escape society and build parallel realities.  Their aesthetics and compositions become literary constructions and techniques that originate temporary subjective realities, whose foundation is the ability to sublimate the mental of the everyday; questioning the absolute truth and endless love.  

Through the consequent repetition of popular imaginary they reveal the uncanny, recreating apparent elements and situations set in a particular context producing a sense of familiarity, estrangement and later rejection.  

They extract, isolate and crudely agitate the elements of the system creating an absurd violence producing a nervous laughter generated by tension.  They do not search for humor, but rather the uncomfortable – allowing them to deal with the stipulated complexities of the human being.