Lidó Rico sculptures focus on the human subject, even if deprived of his individuality thanks to the use of masks or stereotyped gestures pushed to the extreme.

Although being a faithful representation of the emotional state of a single person, the expressive gestures of Lidó Rico’s works appear to be strictly related to performance and maintain a theatrical distance from authenticity. This sort of tension between two apparently contradictory elements – reality and fiction- becomes a fundamental topic in the work of the Spanish artist; a friction where every gesture is and, at the same time, is not what it represents.
Finding the balance between these contradictions, Lidó Rico’s work addresses the universal while focusing on the individual, in the attempt of freeing a grimace that is never fully subjective but belongs to that “other” in which everybody can easily recognise themselves.

Since the beginning of his career, the Spanish artist has been developing one of the most regular, constant and personal bodies of work within the Spanish art scene. A body of works in which the eminent aesthetics of his sculptures combine with an indisputable performative and gestural component. Resulting in a violent process of gestation where the artist, in a sort of ritual act submerges his body in plaster, in order to create an empty mould that will be subsequently filled with polyester resin, Rico creates fragmented bodies and dislocated faces that literally emerge from the walls as if they wished to find relief from their own tyranny.