Although we inhabit a world which seems to be heading towards a dystopian future, I believe in a society which is fueled by ideals, dreams and utopian realities; a place to explore, to understand and question the dogmas. A place motivated by an optimistic belief that art can change the way people look at the world and can have a pragmatic effect on social and political changes.
In my current creation I have a clear interest in making my work function as a speaker through which voices that have either been silenced or biased can be heard. Where art functions as a bridge that connects uncommon, idealistic or even radical ideas with everyday life. Generating reflections that are not just arid statements, but works with a strong social and political involvement. Where art is not just to be viewed as an entertainment, but more importantly as a construct for the mind.

It was necessary for me to interpret and recover the real factors of purpose and necessity – not just the pleasure in my work. I required changing result with motivation. Pleasure, hope, provocation or anything in this realm of sentiments are possible results, but not the incentive for making the work.

For me, this is the purpose for being now. I feel a responsibility to consciously commit my art practice into a greater sociopolitical and theoretical context. Reflect on the capitalist lifestyle. Challenge marginalization and the repressive structures within the official systems of representation. Explore into corporate irresponsibility, its adverse effects and its lack of moral values. Play with philosophy, psychiatry and speculate on the humorous codes of culture.

I also want my art to be relevant to those outside the gallery – to reach them, affect them, and engage them. Crafting projects where I set the conditions to work collaboratively with an audience, bringing them into the process – to participate. Actively setting the realms with humor, sarcasm, provocation or even absurdity while at its core solemnly questioning the paradigms. In this way my work can carry a universal notion, so that viewers of any cultural background can access it too.