His chosen media are manifold. Whether photography, video, drawing, collage, installation, the individual pieces of the puzzle do always fit perfectly in the artists overall concept. Attraction and rejection belong together in his work. The desire for immortality lends wings to the boldest dreams. The artist “creates” his own world, a world populated by humans and mythical beings, on which he puts a new complexion of familiar but a terrifying collaboration. His staging and pictures, found on extended walks, condense in the summary to a new legend, to his own version of the matter.

Known for his often-provocative performances (including music and dance) but also for a contemporary body of work (installation, film, video and photography) focussing on the romantic myth of the ‘femme fatale’.  He combines his work as an artist with an activity as curator, specialising on the mixture of contemporary art, dada and surrealism.

Curriculum Vitae