Her work explores Western immobility as an imperative consequence through performance projects, sound or installation pieces, object-making, and writing. In her practice, she questions contemporary speedy mechanisms and investigates issues such as isolation, alienation, and fatigue. In a constant act of negation towards the narratives of progress -settled on incessant acceleration and accumulation- she states inaction as both an image of resistance and resignation. In this sense, being part of a community characterised by hyperactivity and connectivity, she addresses what could happen as a response. From a figurative use of the visual vocabulary of consumer societies to more abstract compositions, she repeatedly makes a hole in the so called comfort zones to enter comfortless regions. 
Her ongoing project PURGATORIO is a website-based spa that hosts a visual and textual essay on contemporary collapse. The retreat presents an allegorical space, between alienated and dormant, that engages with a collective malaise where the victims endure an enforced relaxation. With no trust in any upcoming transformation and just hoping for something related to relief, the architectural complex discloses a paralyzed dimension, all of the pieces offering useless reliefs to an uninhabitable world. The property is an invitation to combine feelings of relaxation and distress, as speculative formulations of current and upcoming panoramas.
Camila Cañeque (Barcelona, 1984) Lives and works in NY.  She has performed or shown her work at The Kitchen, Microscope Gallery, SOHO20 Gallery, Queens Museum of Art, VERBO Festival of the Vermelho Gallery or Fabra i Coats, among others, and has participated in art residencies at Nida Art Colony (Lithuania), Largo das Artes (Rio de Janeiro), Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik – ZK/U (Berlin) or the Nau Estruch Space for Performing Arts (Sabadell). Her work has been featured in publications such as Art Observed, Hyperallergic, The Journal, BOMB Magazine, El País, La Vanguardia or El Mundo.