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August 31 – September 3, 2017
Hans & Fritz Contemporary is proud to present the curated proposal NO MAN’S LAND.

The title is a reference to the feeling of not belonging to a specific place. An all too often feeling of displacement in the present state of global emigration and economic need. The artists selected have in common the fact that they have built up in recent years’ a solid artistic career but neither of them live in their respective countries and by coincidences in life the three have met each other. The works by these artists are both versatile and diverse and could be defined as neo-conceptual.

NILS NOVA was born in El Salvador but lives in Luzern in Switzerland. WIETEKE HELDENS is of Dutch origin but resides in New York and ERICH WEISS (Film Program) was born in Belgium but lives in Barcelona.

The artists NILS NOVA and WIETEKE HELDENS basically known for their work as painters, succeed in showing how our zeal to systematize, organize, and impose meaning on events can drive the course of any story, whether on the canvas or in real life.

Supporting a tendency towards obsessive-compulsive behaviours and perceiving potential clues everywhere they look. Repetitive elements of weight, paint daubs, spots and lines or drawing inspiration by the endless representations of the horizon from Matyushin, Ellsworth Kelly and Blinky Palermo to the artists of Romanticism. A search for form and meaning in a chaotic existence, and the fragile nature of the human mind.

Nils Nova’s work is based on a subtle use of imagery – applying a wide range of media such as photography, video, painting and performance. One of the main themes in his art is the obsession with the ‘déjà-vu’, ‘mirroring’ and the `trompe l’oeil’. His work has been displayed at the Venice Art Biennale (2009) and the 14th International Architecture Biennale in Venice (2014).

Wieteke Helden’s work is at glance both abstract and conceptual. At the same time, every task obsessive and compulsive. Laws and mathematical formulas are the starting point but the inability to turn off feelings, thoughts and emotions, prevents the paintings from being generic and distant. She recently won the prestigious award ‘Royal Prize for Dutch Painting’.

Erich Weiss is known for his often-provocative performances (including music and dance) but also for a contemporary body of work (installation, film, video and photography) focussing on the romantic myth of the ‘femme fatale’. He combines his work as an artist with an activity as curator, specialising on the mixture of contemporary art, dada and surrealism.

We could almost state that these artists are a living proof of the critical cartographies of the nomadic concept. Navigating the conditions of an advanced capitalism and mapping the parameters of displacement and mobility, where links and relations between people can be made within two or three steps, but sometimes with a sudden feeling of living in a ‘NO MAN’S LAND’.



SCREENING 23.05.2017 > 20 – 22 hr

SFW (2004). Single-channel, 8 min. without sound
18.05.2017 – 27.06.2017

Museums are increasingly incorporating moving image based productions in their collections, while new art institutions exclusively devoted to the research, exhibition and conservation of artist films and videos are emerging. The exhibition space gives a filmmaker the chance to experiment with times and formats beyond the limits traditionally imposed by the movie theatre: short or unlimited duration; multiscreen projections; or unusual exploration of certain technical means; etc. Thus, the inclusion of cinema in the museum / gallery space, represents a twofold possibility: one of openness of the practice, and one of criticism of the historical narratives and its means of representation.

At LOOP BARCELONA | CITY SCREEN we will be presenting the video ‘SFW’ (2004) by the Danish artist KATJA BJØRN; ‘SFW’ is a black and white video depicting a woman’s bizarre entertainment play in which she puts matches up her nose with her tongue. The seemingly innocent trick is presented without enthusiasm. The woman’s unimpressed facial expression is marked by boredom, gloom and indifference. The beholder is not a witness to a humoristic performance but a peculiar repeated escapism. The artwork plays on the beholder-artist relation and the voyeurism of the beholder, when the beholders own emotions are brought into the game and are challenged whilst it becomes clear that the woman’s almost obsessive actions seem to continue in a loop.

Katja Bjørn is a Danish artist working with videosculpture. The starting point of the artists work has always been the investigation of the expression of the sculpture. Especially interesting to Katja Bjørn is the sculptures relationship to the human body.



29.09.2016 > 02.10.2016




Afghan Hound. The four stories that develop in the performance are related between them through a combination of music, song and choreography. The piece is performed with a costume made of hair, which is inspired by Afghan Hound dog racing. The transformation of genres and characters through the use of this costume, symbolize different sexualities and different identities. Some of them are hidden or repressed, others function as signs of power or coercion.

The lyrics of the first song, for example, uses quotations from the Afghan activist, writer and political in exile, Malalai Joya, the second tells the story of Bacha Bazi, a young boy trained to act as a girl, dancing at parties for men, but being also a sex slave; the third character revolves around a powerful male voice and authority, and the last character is an ex-Bacha Posh, a girl raised as a boy because there were no boys in his family. Afghan Hound shows repressed voices, but also tries to communicate stories of tradition and Afghan culture challenging the stereotypical Western discourse from the Arab world and often it usual reductionist position.

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Danish with Filipino origin who has participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide, including “Performa” in the city of New York, The Biennial of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, The Tate Modern in London and the exhibition “Speech Matters” in the Danish Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale.


Unknown Photographers #180

Andrés Galeano is a Spanish artist currently residing in Berlin with an interdisciplinary work that is manifested through photography, performance, video, drawing and installation

Unknown Photographers, is a collection of photo-montages created from analog photographs that the artist has collected over the years. This is a modified amateur material so that not only create a game that offers a new aesthetic experience but stimulates the viewer intellectually highlighting those moments that other captured to make them transcend. The artist’s will is to translate the desire to go beyond the moment expressed by photography. His obsession is the pursuit of myth and divinity through reflection on photography itself and its significance.

To obtain this result the artist uses different methodologies. Juxtaposes images with formal similarities or the same subject. Sometimes a topic or an activity that appears in an image continues in another. He plays with the human form repeating, completing or replacing it with other objects, heads and faces. Use the wide variety of chromatics that can acquire the sky creating a dynamic pace.



Jonas Liveröd is a Swedish artist who is characterised by black humor and a twisted and broken Scandinavian psychedelia. Through his large-scale maniac drawings, foreign objects and site-specific installations, the artist builds a violent but seductive atmosphere of tension similar to a unfocused punk ritual. All terrain works of sculpture, drawing and installation. It also makes hybrid pieces that explore different combinations of materials and media in various fields, such as textiles or play between stock photos amalgamated with ceramic or wood.

Beyond the limits of his work in recent years he has conducted workshops and conferences on the construction of the myth, Rube Goldberg machines and other issues such as the boundaries of architecture. He did a soundtrack for a book he has written articles on human taxidermy and the Victorian escapism and interviews counterfeiters and collectors. He is an artist who is continually exploring new materials and concepts showing the most hidden and mysterious human sides and history.

Jonas Liveröd recently created installations and has had solo exhibitions among other places in The Swedish Museum of Drawings, Gallery Steinsland-Berliner, Stockholm; Third Space Gallery in Copenhagen, Tegnerforbundet in Oslo, Concordia in the Netherlands, The Olle Nyman Foundation, Örebro Konsthall, Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) in Dublin or at the Center for Art and Urban Development in Berlin. He has participated as a guest in lectures at colleges and universities of Münster, Nuremberg, Tromso and Malmo. It also has a permanent pavilion at the Alma Museum Löv Sweden.

He has been awarded with a scholarship by the Grez-sur-Loing Foundation and currently enjoys 5-year work grant from the Swedish Arts Council

In addition, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen will also perform Lucy at the performance booth, as part of the exhibition Being Human Being.





THURSDAY 29.09.2016: Opening (Only invitation)
SATURDAY  01.10.2016: 12pm to 14.30pm


> LUCY – a performance by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen 

In her performance Lucy, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen rubs herself in clay and places herself in it. Through a repeated process, the artist grounds herself in clay and leaves her mark. During the performance, the spectators are invited to be a part and take clay from her, so that they themselves may create something new, shape the earth or simply light a candle for her.

The performance is part of the exhibition Being Human Being at Hans & Fritz Contemporary and is about the concept of the “original” human. The exhibition examines the way we search for, see and display our existence’s origin and how this influences the way we understand ourselves today.  A reflection on the state of coming from different cultures and belonging in several places.

Rasmussen primarily works with video and performance, and her productions often involve text, music and visual elements. She collects, adapts and universalizes her narratives in a both critical and humorous processing of issues such as identity, culture, religion, gender and social relations.


LUCY – una performance de Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

En su performance Lucy, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen se frota con la arcilla y a través de un proceso repetitivo excava con su propio cuerpo dejando su huella impresa en el barro. Durante la performance, los espectadores están invitados a participar usando la arcilla para sus propias creaciones, dándole forma o simplemente encendiendo una vela para ella.

La performance forma parte de la exposición Being Human Being en Hans & Fritz Contemporary y trata sobre el concepto del hombre “original”.  La exposición examina nuestra búsqueda, nuestra visión, cómo entendemos el origen de nuestra existencia. Su influencia en nuestra forma de entendernos actualmente y una reflexión sobre el porvenir de diferentes culturas y la pertenencia a varios lugares.

Rasmussen trabaja principalmente con el vídeo y la performance, y sus producciones a menudo implican texto, música y elementos visuales. Recoge, adapta y universaliza las narraciones en un proceso tanto crítico como humorístico de temas como la identidad, la cultura, la religión, el género y las relaciones sociales.

Performance Booth. Swab Barcelona fair

Hans & Fritz Contemporary. Booth MFY3

Foto credit: Frida Gregersen